• Because We Liked It: A Heavily Biased List of the Stories That Stayed With Us
  • by Sharon Dodge


  • In deciding to end Reflection’s Edge, there were a few things we agreed to do. One of the most important was to leave a list of our favorite works: the “best of” collection we never got in print. In an act of questionable sanity, the Editor-in-Chief read through every story since the first publication, and followed this up with a request to all staff to name their favorites. What resulted is a highly biased but time-tested list; while many of these stories were features, some were pieces we just never stopped hearing about or found ourselves recommending over and over to new readers. If you haven’t read these already, we’re rather jealous and hope you will; and if you have seen them before, we’re sure you’ll enjoy[...]

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  • Nonfiction: The Articles that Made Us Better
  • by Sharon Dodge


  • From the very beginning, Reflection’s Edge was intended to be for both readers and writers. We wanted to share what we knew and learn even more about how to improve our craft, and ideally, learn a little more about the world on the way. To be a really great nonfiction piece, it needed to accomplish two things: first, provide writers with useful information, and second, entertain everyone. It’s hard to accomplish the two every time, but our favorites below managed both, and then[...]

After six years of publication, Reflection's Edge is closing. While there is a fair possibility we may reopen, we do not see this happening in the near future. Rather than focusing on the loss of what might be, we wanted to take this as a time to celebrate our past victories

past victories
. In the articles on this page, we'll explore not only our best and brightest in our fiction and nonfiction, but also the story of RE—the professional business of running a small magazine, as well as its personal effects on our lives (and sometimes, our personal lives' effects on it). We hope you enjoy all we've accomplished, and that you may enjoy the retrospectives we've provided. Regardless, to all of our thoughtful readers and writers over the years, thank you so very much.

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